The Shift From Corporate America to Empowered Business Ownership w/Tamara Burkett (Part 2)

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2020 has been a challenging time for entrepreneurs, but business is far from dead. Even though we’ve had to adapt to the virtual space and struggled with a sense of isolation from our business support structure – many businesses are thriving, seeing significant growth and an increase in their effectiveness. 

My goal is to help people transition into business ownership and navigate this new world. I want to provide support so you can make the leap to franchise ownership and land on your feet. Now more than ever, business owners need a space that can inspire and encourage them. This podcast is that space. 

How is Zoom creating more freedom for business owners, and how can we create a community of ongoing support for businesses operating in a socially distanced world?

In part 2 of my conversation with author, speaker and entrepreneur, Tamara Burkett, we discuss pivoting our businesses during a pandemic.

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We’re better and stronger together. When we share our life experiences, we become real people, not just success stories.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How franchising puts us in control of our destiny
    We have the power to generate our own income instead of being at the mercy of a boss or company. We can set our own financial goals and adapt our operations and activities to meet them. Despite the economic outlook, we are empowered by our own abilities to control what we earn.


  • How to maintain a sense of ‘virtual community’ 
    Building a community and having a support system is so important in the entrepreneurial journey. The pandemic has made it harder to tap into that community and have the support we need to continue to expand our businesses. Business owners have pivoted to using virtual platforms to grow and nurture their communities. 


  • The surprising impact of the pandemic on business 
    Even in the midst of a pandemic, business owners are still finding success and supporting their communities. While the media may paint a grim picture, there are business owners who are currently thriving. Sharing our stories is important because it can inspire people to re-engage with entrepreneurship and make better decisions for their future.

Guest Bio

Tamara Burkett is a CRM consultant, virtual meeting facilitator, author, speaker and entrepreneur. She fully believes in the power of personal connection to motivate, inspire, and educate. She helps companies squeeze every penny of profitability and service out of their current CRM. Her services include CRM selection, customization, CRM strategy, training, coaching, virtual training and logistics & social selling training. 

Tamara Burkett knows that authentic relationships are the lifeblood of a thriving business. She also understands that nurturing those relationships in a meaningful way requires both a personal touch and the proper technology.

Through her consulting and training company, Tamara helps entrepreneurs and small business owners identify and onboard the system best suited to help them scale their business. Using the results of her signature 5-point personalized assessment Tamara’s clients are able to quickly automate their backend systems and start working on what matters.

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