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Frequently Asked Questions

Going into business, whether as self-starter with your own idea, or as a franchise owner inside a gold-standard concept, is risky business. You should work with someone who acknowledges those risks, can guide you to find answers that make you feel completely informed and comfortable with your decision, and aligns with you as a strategic, long-term partner. 

As a consultant, my role is to work with an individual or investor group, to get to the heart of their motives and goals, and then find the right concept at the right investment level. I work with my candidates to assess their financial strength, and then delve into the decision about how to finance their franchise investment. I work closely with a small number of different funding companies whose sole focus is franchising. There are specific guidelines implemented by the FTC and the IRS, and working with funding companies that are aligned with those rules and regulations saves a lot of heartache and avoids costly mistakes. 

Your success should be foremost in the minds of your consultant, your funding/financial resource for loans and your franchise company of choice.

Relying upon counseling and mediation skills, I create a personalized, consultative method to identify the right fit for both franchisor and franchisee.  My goal is to determine the specific strengths and skill sets each prospective owner brings forth, and plug that into proven concepts with gold-standard leadership.   

There is absolutely no charge to work with me. I am compensated by the franchisors upon a successful transaction.

Ideally, the best owner is someone who has creative energy to invest into business development and growth, without recreating the wheel. Much like the Corporate 500, the top-ranked franchisors create the foundation and template, and deliver a superior offering.  Each individual franchisee then implements the mechanics of the business each day and yet imprints their own unique stamp on their business.

To learn more about whether franchise ownership is the right path for you, contact me for free consultative services and outstanding support and guidance through your decision-making and concept exploration process. I can be reached directly by email at or by phone at (847) 302-2601. 

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