About Meg

Franchise ownership is business ownership complete with the tools needed to trim, repair, and smooth over the inevitable challenges of a new endeavor. I learned this lesson when I started my journey as a franchise owner 30 years ago.   

I understand the fear of leaving the “comfort” of a corporate desk job. The reality is, your position will only be around as long as it is convenient for your company. You are a free-agent, a journeyman, not a permanent fixture.  It’s when you feel you’ve achieved your greatest professional success that you’re in danger of being downsized. 

You have everything to gain by betting on yourself and working with a proven franchise leader.  The playbook and rails are in place.  We just need to find the perfect match.

Thirty years ago, I owned a Great Clips franchise in the Greater Chicago area. I then grew that to two, three, and ultimately five locations in eleven years.

I was a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge available to me from the corporate office and my regional support team. While I was the CEO of my business, I was never alone. 

My reputation of success grew as my Great Clips achieved steady growth with low turnover. I received a fantastic offer for my five-unit business, which I accepted. I walked away with generous compensation, armed with almost two decades of lessons learned in my journey of franchise ownership. As my professional network grew with board memberships at noteworthy organizations, my next steps were clear. 

About Meg Schmitz - franchise business consultant
About franchising consultant Meg Schmitz

As a franchise consultant, I really found my groove, which led me to my passion: helping others achieve the professional success and personal freedom. I wanted to share my experience successfully living an abundant life on my own terms with others.  

Everyone’s path to franchise ownership is unique. My journey began working in hospice, where I learned the power of really listening. That experience has been instrumental to the success I’ve helped my clients achieve. 

Understanding your life, relationships, and goals is critical in finding the right business match. I’m your executive recruiter, wealth manager, and therapist in one. My role is to walk alongside you to help you navigate this journey. 

I invest a lot of time into my professional life, making business matches and hosting networking events. But that’s not all I do. I make time for the things I’m passionate about. Time in the great outdoors is how I recharge. The power meetings are replaced with power tools as I take my chainsaws, log-splitter and 1947 tractor to tend to my land. My sense of balance comes from my time on the prairie, with my husband and Black Lab.  After managing my businesses, the great outdoors is where I go to nurture my soul. I believe in paying it forward in all aspects of life. My work with my favorite organizations puts that belief into action. I am a board member of JourneyCare Hospice, which my mother cofounded decades ago.  I spend time with Enactus to promote innovation and sustainability through entrepreneurship with the next generation. Supporting Tallgrass Restoration, Wisconservation Club, Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center in their missions allows me to work with dedicated falconers, farmers, botanists, environmental specialists to support the community. 
meg with tools

My life is richer because I have the time to pursue my personal interests alongside my professional goals. We are multi-dimensional people, and only you know your dreams.

Just like the chainsaws I wield outside, I’m not afraid to cut through the branches to get to the root of my clients’ desires to help them achieve the financial future of their dreams.  Believe me, I had some fear when I became self-employed, but like holding a chain-saw for the first time it became not only easier, but very comfortable.  

What do you want to build? Generational wealth for your family? How about balance in your life to enjoy your family and hobbies today instead of waiting until retirement?

It’s time to unlock your life’s full potential and take the leap towards building the future you deserve! 

A Free, Consultative Approach

I provide free franchise consultation service to individuals considering franchise ownership. When a match is found, I collect a finder’s fee — from the franchise, not the franchisee.