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Meg Schmitz Franchise Consultant

Break free from that corporate job that will never be loyal to you.

As a franchise owner, the role of CEO is yours and you will never be fired again. 

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I'm Meg Schmitz

I’m a franchise consultant who’s walked the talk of business ownership for 30 years.

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you become franchise owners. I’m your entrepreneurial matchmaker, helping you achieve your goals of business ownership, financial security, and peace of mind.

Stop living someone else’s dream. It’s time to make your vision a reality.

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Meg Schmitz Franchise Consultant

Have you ever considered owning a business, or buying a franchise?  I have been offering franchise consultation services to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs for the past 30 years. Buying a franchise requires a huge investment of your time to research the right brands, but can be a waste of time if you don’t know where to look, or what questions to ask.  Diversifying into essential, high-demand franchises is my specialty, and I can tell you that it is a major financial decision for any entrepreneur. Just like buying a home for your family, buying exactly the right franchise for your personal, professional, and business needs requires proper consultation and care. As you consider the path forward, I am here to help you navigate all the avenues you need to consider in order to make the right choice.  You will avoid making costly, time-consuming mistakes as I share my secrets of success with you.

With 30 years of experience, I have all the tools and resources to guide you through an organized, established research process. Everything you need is all in one place when you work with me. There simply is no shortcut to making The Right Decision when you leverage all the tools I offer to you, which results in a confident decision that you have considered everything necessary to be a successful business owner.  It takes considerable time and effort to take into consideration all of the most important elements before making a decision. No different from taking a job you know isn’t the right fit, to speed dating before marriage, the wrong decision comes with expensive consequences.

Whether absentee ownership, semi-active or job replacement, you don’t need to quit your corporate job in order to be financially successful.   As your franchise business coach, you will learn how to use my playbook as I share my secrets to success that I have learned along the way.  I’m considered a franchise expert and Guru by the Wall Street Journal because I have repeatedly invested in myself, with both franchise and independent businesses, and know what it takes to avoid costly mistakes to become, in turn, financially successful.

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Meg Schmitz Franchise Consultant Services Offered

My franchise consultation support system is primarily focused on three types of investors:

  • Those looking to buy a franchise for the first time, who want to keep their full-time career.
  • Business owners who are looking to diversify their income with the addition of a franchise.
  • Retired military and athletes who understand the benefits of franchising, and want to put their professional skills to work in a proven system very similar to their past careers.

"Meg stood out as someone that was interested in me, my family, and my lifestyle..."

– Dan Schauer, Vanguard Cleaning Systems

A Free, Consultative Approach

I provide complimentary consultation services to individuals considering franchise ownership. Much like an Executive Recruiter, when a match is made, the franchise company, sends me a placement referral fee.

Our Process​

When it comes to your franchise research, be sure to align with the most reputable consulting firm to determine the franchises that you will evaluate. Some brokers have no franchise experience, and some consultants buy a franchise consulting business without industry experience. You wouldn’t have surgery done by someone with no experience. Just as not all doctors are specialists, not all brokers know franchising. I do and have more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of franchise ownership, development, and financial success. When you work with me, we will conduct a compare/contrast search that will enlighten you to the similarities, and what makes each business unique. Much like buying a house, you may fall in love with one until you know what the investment will require. Investing in a franchise is a major financial decision and choosing the wrong one can be quite stressful
However, my franchise consulting process eliminates many mistakes and burdens off of you by streamlining the search. My process includes a discussion about “your wife, your life, and your money” since those three pillars will fall if not taken fully into consideration. As I get to know you, your goals and outcomes, and the impact this will have on your household, I’ll present a shortlist of options that match your intended outcomes. Like a money manager, not every option is the right one today. And looking at too many of the wrong options is confusing, making it impossible to arrive at a logical final decision. I will walk you through the entire process, making sure to guide you to ask all the right questions. It is a logical, orderly process that builds into a Yes/No decision each week, both for you and the franchise company.
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Why Choose Meg Schmitz?

Armed with more than 30 years of franchise ownership and entrepreneurial start-up and expansion experience, I can share the ups and downs, epic successes and failures, and help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that bring down a perfectly good business. The Federal Trade Commission has very high standards for national franchises, and many states have tight industry requirements. I have helped thousands of business owners realize their dream of financial success through franchise ownership, by understanding what separates a good franchise from a bad one. Called the Franchise Guru by the Wall Street Journal, you can leverage my broad base of business experience to determine if franchise ownership is the right vehicle to drive your financial goals. Getting to NO is as important as getting to YES.

My role is very much like an executive recruiter, real estate agent, and marriage counselor all in one. These are a sample of the various complementary services that I offer:

  • A minimum of 3 hours spent talking with you about your goals, what this business will accomplish for you and your family both short- and long-term.
  • I offer a free consultation process to assess your skill sets and interests
  • Determine if franchise ownership is the best avenue for you to reach your goals
  • Send to you a bullet-point breakdown of the elements you need from the Right Concept
  • Research my portfolio of partner companies to identify suitable and affordable concepts
  • Territory-check those concepts for appropriate demography and geography availability
  • Present to you and your spouse/partner options that are suitable to a business model
  • Work with you weekly to navigate through the franchise company’s due diligence process
  • Provide articles, outlines, and insights that move you towards a Yes/No decision each week
  • Interact with the franchise companies to hear their thoughts about you, and whether you are the best fit for their ideal franchise owner
  • Provide introductions to service providers offering financial, insurance, and legal support
  • Make sure you are happy, smiling, and confident that both sides have found the right partner

Apart from the above-mentioned services, I also offer consulting services for existing franchisors, as well as manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and licensors who want to migrate into the franchise model.

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