Switching Careers: From Criminology to Beauty, Melanie Richards’ Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey

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Photo of Melanie Richards for Switching Careers Blog

Melanie Richards Switching Careers

From criminology to the beauty industry, join us as we follow Melanie Richards’ incredible journey of determination and passion in switching careers. But just as her business reaches new heights, a shocking revelation threatens to unravel everything she’s worked for. Will Melanie overcome this unexpected obstacle, or will her dreams be shattered? Tune in to find out.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Explore a fascinating career switch from criminology to owning a beauty business and the lessons learned.
  • Get a clue on setting up a thriving spray tanning enterprise anchored on education and top-notch service.
  • Realize the importance of spotting opportunities and taking calculated risks in the entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Take a peek into constructing a franchise that prioritizes customers’ preferences and adheres to clean skincare principles.
  • Understand the path to starting, managing, and growing a profitable business in the beauty industry.

My special guest is Melanie Richards

Photo of Melanie Richards for Switching Careers Blog

Get to know Melanie, a former criminology professional turned beauty industry entrepreneur. With a decade of experience in handling challenging profiles in her law enforcement role, Melanie demonstrated her strength and determination. When a passion for beauty and an unexplored market in tanning presented themselves, she seized the opportunity and founded Go Glow. Today, Melanie is credited with introducing a novel approach to spray tanning, revolutionizing the industry, and making beauty more accessible.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 – Introduction,

00:02:56 – Melanie’s Background,

00:07:33 – Starting Go Glow,

00:10:47 – Growth and Challenges,

00:12:23 – Educating and Improving the Industry,

00:14:02 – Expanding the Business,

00:15:41 – Building for Franchising,

00:18:27 – Unique Opportunity in the Beauty Industry,

00:21:38 – Positive Customer Experience,

00:27:23 – Empowerment and Entrepreneurship,

00:28:57 – Introduction to LMS (Learning Management System),

00:29:36 – Excitement about the Franchising Industry,

00:30:26 – Comprehensive Support for Franchisees,

00:32:12 – Confidence in Franchise Partnership,

00:33:23 – Passion for the Go Glow Brand,

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