How to Change the Stories & Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back w/Sue Schultz

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Sue Schultz

What if the stories you tell yourself about the past are sabotaging your success right now?

That’s the key question I took from our latest podcast conversation.

We all have these stories we believe are true, even though they aren’t.

Stories we created around the events of our lives. But it’s what we do with those stories that determines our level of success.

Our guest is Sue Schultz, corporate recruiter turned career and life coach, and our conversation is all around the stories we tell ourselves and how to break free.

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Your limiting beliefs and stories will never go away, but they don’t have to be in the driver’s seat of our life. We can drive our own car, and put those limiting beliefs and stories in the back seat.

In this episode Sue shares..

  • The one thing you can do every morning to ensure your tank is full and you’re ready for the day ahead.
  • How to build “non-negotiable” activities into your day to refill your emotional piggy bank
  • How the stories you created around past events are sabotaging your success right now

As Sue said, we can’t change the past, but there’s a lot of good that came from the past that we can use to drive ourselves forward.

Guest Bio

Sue Schultz is a Career & Life Coach and the founder of Inspired Integration. She helps women align their career and life so they can finally feel the success that is filled with passion and purpose. Her holistic experience helps her clients overcome the fear, and self-doubt interfering with their life choices. Over the years Sue has built her career on helping others understand who they are, where they’re at, what is standing in their way and “what they really want to be.” As a Career Development Coach, she helps people create opportunities to take control of their careers.

For more information, visit and connect with Sue on LinkedIn and follow @inspiredintegration on Instagram.

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