3 Ways to Supercharge Your Online Presence & Show Your Authentic Self w/Stacy Kaat

Free Agent Podcast
Stacy Kaat

Corporate refugees are coming out of hibernation!

They’re thinking of the future, making new plans and setting new visions. In this exciting process, many are rethinking how they present themselves online.

What better person to talk about the free agent journey and visual branding than photographer extraordinaire Stacy Kaat!

As one of Milwaukee’s premier photographers and longtime free agent, Stacy is a genius at bringing out the authentic self in her clients. Her strength is seeing your true personality, giving creative input, and helping bring your entire visual brand together into a cohesive package.

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The visuals for your business, especially your headshot, should represent the authentic you.

In this episode Stacy shares..

  • How a new visual brand can help you show up to sales calls with more confidence, energy and authenticity

  • How the right headshot serves as a “virtual handshake” – capturing the essence of your personality

  • How your visual brand can help you conquer common fears, such as “Am I good enough”


We also dive into Stacy’s story and her experience working with a variety of mentors, and how critical it is for free agents to build the right support system.

If you’re looking to supercharge your online presence, show your true personality and give people a great first impression, this episode will give you insight you won’t get anywhere else!

Guest Bio

Stacy Kaat is a photographer, personal branding expert, and business owner. She helps Executives, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs who are the FACE of their business and want quality brand photographs to attract the right people.

She collaborates with them to create pictures that accurately represent their personal brand and business for social media profile, website, and marketing materials.

Stacy also provides personal brand guidance so her clients can achieve their goals by aligning their social media profiles and posts with their vision. For more information, visit https://www.stacykaat.com/, send an email to stacy@stacykaat.com and call Stacy directly 414.758.0622.

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