Robert Krieghoff on Going from Uncertainty and Inconsistency to Entrepreneurial Staying Power

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Robert Krieghoff

Free agents start their business in order to have more control over their lives, and more fulfillment from the work they do – but our ventures also have to be financially rewarding and sustainable.

It’s impossible to build something financially stable without systems and procedures that keep the pipeline full.

What we’ve learned from the last year is that the state of the economy doesn’t always spell success. When we build a sustainable referral-based business and diversify our income streams, we can always navigate challenging times.

What are the most important systems free agents need to be aware of? How do we find the most beneficial and productive networking opportunities? Why is a healthy business pipeline so important?

In this episode, I’m joined by entrepreneur, B2C & B2B ad pro and real estate agent, Robert Krieghoff.

He shares the most important business lessons he’s learned on his journey and how he has created a diversified and self-sustaining business model.

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The one consistent factor for small business owners is having a good team and good internal processes.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to find a productive networking group
    Networking is about being willing to give. You can’t go into it from the perspective of what you’re going to get out of it. Focus on being a resource for other people and learning from that environment. If you find yourself in a networking community where people are selfish and impatient, you’re in the wrong place.


  • The two things business owners have to focus on to have sustainable results
    As business owners, we have to spend a lot of time cultivating the business, while also doing the actual work at a high level. If we focus on current business at the expense of our future pipeline, our income will always be unstable. It’s really important to have systems and people in place to help us manage both sides of this equation.


  • Why pivoting can be dangerous
    There’s a difference between making a pivot and getting away from our purpose, and the things our clients hire us for. Sometimes, when we pivot, we actually end up eliminating the things that drive our results and make us different from everyone else. It’s also a common mistake to veer away from our purpose by working with the wrong clients. Business isn’t just about adapting, it’s also about staying true to ourselves.

Guest Bio

Robert Krieghoff is an entrepreneur, B2C & B2B Ad Pro and Real Estate agent. He is a 27-year veteran of the media industry who has achieved success as an Account Executive, Sales Manager and independent consultant in Madison and Milwaukee. 

His areas of expertise are account management, digital sales, and statewide campaign strategies. Robert uses proven solutions for local business owners looking to get more out of their English and Spanish advertising. 

For more information on Robert and Amy Krieghoff’s real estate business visit and email



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