Ready to Own Your Own Business, but Not Sure Where to Start?

Franchise Ownership

There’s nothing more rewarding than acting as a guide to entrepreneurs who have all the passion in the world to finally go into business for themselves, but aren’t sure where to begin. My process is simple: I get to know each client as an individual, delving into their personality types, skill sets and areas of expertise to match them with the perfect franchise opportunity.

Meet Anne Kurilich, who worked with me and is now the owner of an ARCpoint Lab in Schaumburg, Illinois, with plans to open a second location.

“I always wanted to own my own business, but wasn’t sure how to get started.  Franchising seemed like a great way to own my own business without being on my own.  I interviewed a few franchise consultants and really liked how open and honest Meg was.  She helped me understand strategies to go about narrowing down what type of franchise was right for me. I chose to join ARCpoint Franchise Group (AFG) because I have a passion for health and wellness and the clinical side of this business was a good fit for my clinical nutrition background, but also because AFG was looking towards the future and what consumer expectations might be down the road along with new, emerging technologies that will drive the industry in years to come. Now, I own two territories.  The Schaumburg lab opened in November 2016 and I’m expecting to open my second lab in 2019. I couldn’t have done it without Meg.”

Ready to take first step toward making your dreams of business ownership a reality? Contact me to set up an initial appointment.

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A Free, Consultative Approach

I provide free franchise consultation service to individuals considering franchise ownership. When a match is found, I collect a finder’s fee — from the franchise, not the franchisee.