Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Onto Your Runway to Success w/Patricia Leonard

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So many people have the potential to be free agents, but they never take the leap because it feels intimidating and overwhelming. That’s because we think of making that change as a reinvention, instead of seeing it as a continuation of self-discovery, and another evolution of our individuality.

There are ways to explore free agency and explore our potential in other areas so that we’re prepared to make the leap. We live in a world with so many opportunities to combine our skills and our passions to create our own unique runway to success.

What steps do we need to take if we want to grow out of our comfort zones? What resources can we tap into? Why is free agency such a rewarding emotional experience?

In this episode, performance-focused speaker, author, and career transition coach, Patricia Leonard shares how to create freedom for ourselves so we can live the life we want.

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If you want to be different, you have to rise above where you see yourself today and keep stepping up.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How our corporate experience benefits us in free agency
    Many people who are leaving the corporate world worry about whether or not they have skills to start a new venture, and if they can cut it in free agency. The truth is, every skill we gain in the corporate world is transferable and can be applied to our free agency path.


  • One thing that holds women back from free agency
    We often become so focused on taking care of other people that we put ourselves and our own fulfillment on the back burner. We hold ourselves back because we’re stuck in what we ‘ought’ to be doing.


  • How to take steps towards business ownership
    Explore free agency one step at a time. Choose your passion or a hobby you want to turn into a business, and start building your client base while you’re employed. Tap into resources like relationships and mentorship so that you gain the confidence and the support to fully make the leap.

Guest Bio

Patricia is a performance-focused speaker, author, business, life and career transition coach, and president of Runway to Success. She has an extensive background in leadership and talent development, career transition coaching and business restructuring.

As a career woman with experience in Corporate America and business ownership her passion is and has always been to be an advocate for women.

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