Meg Schmitz Doubles Franchise Investment Deals

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In the past 12 months, Meg Schmitz, Milwaukee’s leading franchise consultant, exceeded her professional goals, signing numerous deals with entrepreneurs to realize their career aspirations through franchise investments.

“Looking back at 2016, it’s less about the number of business deals I have worked on and far more about the amount of people I have had the opportunity to help,” said Schmitz, who has more than 25 years of experience in the franchise industry, including 14 years of consulting prospective entrepreneurs. “For me, it comes down to the relationship I develop with my clients. I’m proud that they look to me as a trusted mentor and guide in making such a major life decision.”

Schmitz is on the leading edge of the dynamic franchise industry, advising hundreds of people on how to make the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Using cognitive skills assessments, she identifies individuals’ strengths in life and in business, directing them toward the future with accurate insight into their true skill sets. Once connected, Schmitz digs deep into her clients’ persona to assess their capacity for business ownership. If the entrepreneurial lifestyle is not suited for her clients, Schmitz has the resources to steer them in the most opportune career direction.

Prior to launching her consulting business, Schmitz herself was an entrepreneur several times over, including as the franchise owner of Great Clips in the Chicago area for 11 years. Her unwavering enthusiasm, organization and knowledge of the franchise industry allows her to expertly navigate the maze of entrepreneurship and franchise ownership for both first-time and existing entrepreneurs.

“The people I work with are truly my passion and the driving factor behind why I love what I do,” added Schmitz. “My clients look to me for advice on how to make that leap from their corporate careers into business ownership. It’s a privilege that I can make that happen for them and help them follow their entrepreneurial passions.”


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