How to Strengthen Your Pivoting Muscle & Keep Your Business Viable in the Face of Disruption

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What if a forced pivot is the best thing that could ever happen to you?

That was the experience my guest, Mark Zucker, had. When the digital revolution threatened to eliminate his photography business after 15 years, something unexpected happened.

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Digital technology completely disrupted our wedding photo business. We pivoted and moved 25 office positions overseas, and 10 years later, we’re still viable and profitable. If we didn’t make that shift, we would have closed 5 years ago. -Mark Zucker

You'll Learn:

  • The important decision that lengthened the runway of his wedding album business and has kept it profitable for the last 10 years.

  • The power of applying a startup mentality to every business

  • How working-from-home provides the perfect opportunity to explore entrepreneurship risk-free

  • The financial, professional and mental health benefits of dabbling in a side hustle and potential opportunities you can go after.

  • How he created off-the-chart growth in his outsourcing business by helping other entrepreneurs pivot and keep their business viable in the pandemic.

Guest Bio 

Mark is the co-founder of MCVO Talent Outsource, and founder and CEO of Zookbinders. He is an involved leader who thrives on helping professional photographers run a more profitable business. Known for providing the wedding industry’s finest quality photo albums, Zookbinders continues to innovate to keep pace with the changing needs of photographers.

In 2017, Zucker co-founded an outsourcing company that helps US companies reduce costs by providing office talent from the Philippines. MCVO Talent Outsource has a unique business model that can help companies save 20K-30K per employee!

Zucker is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and a frequent speaker on topics such as: innovation, finding your niche and helping small businesses improve profits. For more information on Mark’s outsourcing service visit and to learn more about the wedding album business visit


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