Lynn Corazzi On Leveraging Data & Bringing Corporate Finance to Small Businesses

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If there was only one thing small businesses could learn from corporate, it’s how they make use of financials to help a company expand its capabilities.

Knowing more about the finances and operational measures in our businesses is one of the most empowering things we can do, and today I’m joined by a free agent who has made this his life’s work.

How is accounting different to corporate finance? What should every business owner ask themselves when it comes to financials? How do we set ourselves apart in a crowded market?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Data Magician, Finance Confidence Coach and Chief Data Analyst at Data2Profit, Lynn Corazzi. We discuss his free agency journey and why the work he does with small businesses is so vital to their success.

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Owning your own business will transform from someone who feels like they are taking from the system to someone who is giving.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to find your value as a free agent
    When we do the work of branding ourselves and go from a generalist to a specialist, we increase our chances of successfully monetizing our expertise. If we brand ourselves around something specific, simplify our messaging and distill our value down to where we are most effective, that’s how we serve at the highest level.


  • Why we can’t just focus on the areas we love in our businesses
    Many small business owners and free agents struggle to find balance between what they love to do, and the things they need to do to keep the business on its feet. When we focus on only what we love, we can risk missing key elements that keep our businesses healthy and growing.


  • The biggest benefit to running your own business
    One of the greatest benefits of running our own business and not being beholden to a corporate job is the freedom we have to step away from work, and have a better balance between our work and our lives. We have the gift of time to nurture our souls and recharge our batteries. When we have space to clear our heads, that is when the ideas start to flow.

Guest Bio

Lynn Corazzi is a Finance Confidence Coach, Data Magician, Creator of Sales & Profit Insights and Chief Data Analyst at Data2Profit. For businesses that are drowning data but lacking new information to improve results, Lynn creates insights, solutions, and strategies that make a business more money and leaders more confident.

As if by magic, a messy, unstructured data transforms into facts you didn’t know about sales and profit.

For more information visit, send an email to or 
call/text (920) 948-3355. 

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