Kristin Carlson on the Power of Being an Athletic-Minded Business Owner

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Kristin Carlson

Building a high-performance business requires a leader who has the desire to build something bigger, and discipline to consistently follow through with the actions that matter. 

Business owners can learn a lot from athletes who have the mindset and dedication to get better at their game every single day. Even though they are superstars, they still commit to practicing their craft and hold themselves accountable to the team’s greater goal. 

Why are athletic-minded business owners more primed for success? What are some of the most important things we need to do as free agents to build a business that survives and thrives? 

In this episode, I’m joined by Focal Point business coach, Kristin Carlson. She shares what athletes can teach us about business, and how to build with freedom in mind.  

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Franchises have systems and a process already built for you. It takes some of the fear away and reduces the risk of being on your own and trying to put a business together.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The true meaning of work-life balance
    When we think about having more balance between our lives and our businesses, we often think of it in terms of time, but it’s also about our ability to be present in every area of our lives. We have to be present when we’re with our families, and also present when we’re with our clients. When we have ownership of our schedule, we can protect the things that matter. 

  • Why we have to transition from working in to working on the business
    If we want to run a business that gives us freedom, we can’t spend all of our time working in the business and being the technician. We have to work ourselves out of the day-to-day so we can work on the strategy and get some time back in our lives. If we become too entrenched in the day-to-day, we make it harder for our business to scale. 

  • Why free agency is so different from corporate
    In the world of business ownership and franchises, we have a strong support system and a network of people who want us to succeed. This is very different from the corporate world which tends to have a less collaborative culture. 

Guest Bio

Kristin Carlson is a Focal Point Business and Leadership coach, corporate trainer, and National Speaker. Kristin coaches business owners and executives to elevate their game. FocalPoint believes any company can dramatically improve the quality of their business results faster than they ever imagined possible – that it’s simply a matter of choice and commitment. 

For more information, visit, email or call (262) 955-4861.


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