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Kirk Gramoll

When we make the leap from corporate into free agency, the first big decision we have to make is the kind of business we want to run. The franchise model has always been one of the best business ownership paths because there’s so much support and structure available to us from day one. 

We get the benefits of buying into a proven model and following a blueprint that has been used successfully by other business owners. Everyone in the franchise is waving the same flag and pulling on the same rope, so we have a bigger chance of success and stability. 

Why did my guest choose a franchise opportunity in IT? How is he finding balance while still running an essential business? 

In this episode, technology advisor and the owner of TeamLogic IT, Kirk Gramoll talks about his journey into free agency, and how shifting his operating procedures has impacted his business.

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Your success as a franchise business owner is built on the processes and systems of what you’re buying into and the support and structure that exists there.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why the franchise model is so attractive to new free agents
    The support structure of a franchise provides massive opportunity. The existing fabric of other business owners who know the systems is the foundation for our own success. There will always be incredible resources and when business owners in the franchise can share insights, we can benefit.


  • How to maintain team culture in an essential workplace
    Many businesses that have been deemed essential have adopted a hybrid model of interchangeably working from home and going into the office. This allows for social distancing, while also allowing teams to continue to have culture and cohesion.


  • The power of having a business plan, even when the business grows
    A solid business plan is important when the business is new, but it becomes even more critical as the business grows, and business owners need to stay focused, and hold themselves accountable. Even when we pivot, we still need a plan to refer to and a direction for where to go next.

Guest Bio

Kirk is a Technology Advisor for Small and Medium Businesses and the Owner of TeamLogic IT. TeamLogic IT of Milwaukee aims to become their customer’s trusted technology advisor. Their location is part of a nationwide network specializing in managed IT, computer services and network solutions.

For more information, visit or call (262) 834-6207.


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