The Key to a Great Franchisee Placement – Listen and Learn

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When a potential client approaches me to be matched with a business opportunity, the last thing they want to hear is a canned speech that has been recited many times before. Everyone who seeks business ownership advice through a consultant such as myself deserves their own unique experience predicated by who they are as an individual. My job is to find out what drives them and makes them tick.

For Joanne Gimelli, no goal was too lofty to achieve. She’s a real go-getter who thrives on an always-changing atmosphere, and I knew that something in the hospitality industry would be a good fit. Hear from Joanne how her experience was:

“Several years ago I had thought about a franchise as a “what’s next for me” – I liked the idea of opening a proven business with checklists to get up and running fast! Then when the company I was working with went through organizational changes, a co-worker mentioned that she worked with Meg previously and that I might discuss my options with her. I met with Meg the next day and got the process going immediately.

Meg was wonderful to work with, very professional, and very caring. She listened to my needs and wants in a business and presented me with several options to start considering. She kept in close contact, allowed me the time I needed to vet companies as well as live my regular life, and was a great sounding board for my thoughts and concerns. She did a great job at matching my needs with a great company.”

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