Is Seasonal Franchise Right For You?

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Another school year is in full swing, and another summer is long gone. For some business owners, that means their season is winding down, too. Seasonal franchises have some real pros and a few things to consider before you dive in head-first. 

Seasonal businesses are those that are typically operational only during a short timeframe during the year, like landscaping, holiday lights, and taxes. Some are profitable enough that you only need to operate a few months out of the year and take the rest of the year off. While that sounds great, your team better be ready to hustle in season. 

Some entrepreneurs recognize the benefit of complimentary seasonal franchises that operate in different seasons. For example, a painting company could hang holiday lights, or a landscape company could plow snow. This provides year-round work for employees and fewer peaks and valleys for the franchisee. 

If you want to take off the summers or the winters as a franchisee, a seasonal business may be a good option to consider.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have November through March to spend the holidays with family, while marketing kicks into gear to generate immediate revenue when the season starts?  Equally so, tutoring winds down during the summer months, allowing for full-on fun with the family.

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