Howard Fox on How to Transition Your Most Valuable Skills Into Free Agency

Free Agent Podcast
Howard Fox

So many Corporate Warriors grew up in the system to believe that working a job is a straight line to retirement, and that their singular value is determined by the role that they assume within the corporate structure.

Through free agency, we can expand beyond how a 9 to 5 defines us, without being confined. We’re all multi-dimensional human beings, and being able to transition our skills is key to success outside of the corporate world.

As a free agent, you can exert freedom on your life by leveraging your unique capabilities and skills.

How do we invest our lives in work we’re passionate about? Where can we find more opportunities to expand our skills?

In this episode, career development and career transition expert, Howard Fox shares his own journey to free agency and how to align our work with our passion.

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There are no jobs that are safe so we have to navigate and find a way to take care of ourselves.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The truth about the corporate world
    While there are companies that care about their people, ultimately they will always take care of the business first. When things get tough, those same companies will have to manage their expenses and when that happens, jobs will always be on the line.


  • Why we should look beyond the roles our corporate jobs set for us
    In corporate, our value and our usefulness is often limited to one role and one silo. This puts us into a trap of thinking that our skills are only useful in one company and in one job position. Our skills are actually extremely valuable and transferable into other companies, businesses and even free agency.


  • How to find where we have the most value
    The hardest thing as an entrepreneur is figuring out how to monetize what we have to offer. We have to learn to represent and advocate for ourselves so we can uncover our value, build our confidence and zone in on the most monetizable opportunities for us.

Guest Bio

Howard Fox is a Career Development and Career Transition Coach, LinkedIn strategist and host of The Success InSight Podcast. He is a self-proclaimed recovering IT Business Consultant, and for the last 13 years, he has pursued a career in coaching and leadership development. 

Howard currently delivers one-on-one career development & transition services, facilitates classes, including Strategic Career Management, Personal Branding, Resumes, Networking, Interviewing, and LinkedIn, for a Fortune 500 company’s onsite, Las Vegas Career Development Center.

For more information, and to connect with Howard visit



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