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There are difficulties in owning any kind of business, but franchising offers more certainty, guidance and leadership toward doing it right. My job is to match you with an opportunity you’re passionate about and guide you through any uncertainty to ensure you get the most out of your franchising experience and are set up for success as a business owner.

Check out the video below featuring my client David Michalski, who shares how I helped him through the initial investment process with my background and understanding of new franchisees. Now a franchisee of Restoration 1, David has a better grasp on pursuing business ownership. Consistently on the leader board for Rookie of the Year, he is always on the hunt as a savvy business owner.

I really enjoyed Meg’s personality and drive. I enjoyed the stories that she shared, as she’s been in the business for quite some time. She understands the psychology of new franchisees and the difficulties that they have to go through. It’s not an easy path, but it’s a doable and highly rewarding path.” 

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I provide free franchise consultation service to individuals considering franchise ownership. When a match is found, I collect a finder’s fee — from the franchise, not the franchisee.