Franchising in a Pandemic: The Challenges and Wins of Growing During COVID

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Franchising in a Pandemic: Challenges and Wins During COVID - Fred Tomlin and Sherrod Hunter

Franchising in a Pandemic: The Challenges and Wins of Growing During COVID

Discover the surprising story of how two entrepreneurs revolutionized the waste industry with a technology-driven approach. From failed beginnings to mushroom cloud growth, their journey is a testament to the power of innovation and perseverance. But what’s the unexpected twist that took their business from junk removal to a full-blown technological powerhouse? Stay tuned to find out how these geniuses are reshaping an entire industry and leaving a trail of success across multiple states. You won’t want to miss this captivating tale of entrepreneurial triumph and the unexpected role of AI in garbage disposal.

Fred Tomlin
Fred Tomlin

My special guests are Fred Tomlin and Sherrod Hunter.

Fred Tomlin and Sherrod Hunter, the dynamic duo behind Accelerated Waste Solutions, bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and industry expertise to the table. Their journey from selling Yellow Pages to revolutionizing waste management showcases their innovative approach and tenacity. With a keen understanding of leveraging technology in garbage disposal and successful franchise ownership, they offer invaluable insights for individuals looking to optimize junk removal processes.

Their story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic thinking and perseverance in waste management. As guests on Free Agent, their discussion on franchise opportunities in waste management and the impact of AI on the industry promises to inspire and enlighten listeners on the possibilities within this evolving sector.

Fred Tomlin Jr. and Sherrod Hunter’s story:

Sherrod Hunter
Sherrod Hunter

Fred and Sherrod’s entry into the waste management industry stemmed from a personal experience that resonated deeply with them. Faced with the inconvenience of daily trash disposal, they were inspired by a company’s solution that alleviated their own problem and addressed a widespread need within their community. Their journey, marked by initial challenges and subsequent triumphs, reflects the power of turning adversity into opportunity. It’s a tale of resourcefulness, adaptability, and the unwavering belief that every obstacle holds the potential for growth and success.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to leverage technology to revolutionize garbage disposal for a more sustainable and cost-effective approach.
  • Learn essential strategies for successful franchise ownership in the waste management industry.
  • Uncover the impact of AI on the waste industry and how it’s shaping the future of waste management.

Proprietary Technology and Revenue Streams**

Innovative technology and diversified revenue streams are crucial in transforming the waste management industry. Fred and Sherrod’s discussion on their proprietary technology and revenue generation strategies offers insights into how businesses can stay competitive and profitable. Their focus on developing proprietary technology, such as their waste disposal app, demonstrates innovation’s power in creating unique value propositions for customers.

By exploring novel revenue streams, such as resale partnerships and automation tools, Fred and Sherrod have expanded their business horizons and tapped into new income sources. The integration of technology enhances operational efficiency and opens doors to additional revenue streams, solidifying their position as industry leaders. Through their experiences, they underscore the importance of embracing technology-driven solutions.

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