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My first column for Forbes Coaches Council has been published on!

Over the course of my life, writing has been a passion. I think it is also part of my DNA, so I come by it naturally. As a franchise consultant who advises investor groups and individuals on making carefully researched business decisions, and being “a student of humanity” with a counseling background, I have spent my career understanding the psychology of business investing. No one escapes the fear of making a bad decision, and every person has a point of view that enlightens my navigational skills with others.

Writing about that helps me to sharpen my focus on what makes people happy and motivated to move forward with a decision, or what creates fear and uncertainty that holds them back.

Forbes Coaches Council is a collection of business professionals with valuable insights and excellent writing talent (and editing!). I am thrilled to be associated with this esteemed publication and its readership.

Check out my debut column, then send me an email and let me know what you think!

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