How to Strike a Work-Life Balance With Conscious Prioritization w/Ethan Chazin (Part 2)

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The reality of free agency is that our businesses are something we can never fully disconnect from. This is rewarding but also stressful and emotionally taxing. When we have so much responsibility and so much is required from us, the business can take over our entire lives.

There are pieces we need to put in place to make sure we’re not carrying more than we can manage. We need to make sure that our personal relationships and emotional health don’t suffer at the expense of our businesses.

A brand makes marketing easier, clear priorities and boundaries keep us healthy, and strategic relationships give us support and resources.

Where do we start when it comes to building a brand? How do we strike a work-life balance from the get-go? How can we forge relationships in a socially distanced world?

In the second part of my interview with business coach and strategist Ethan Chazin, he shares the things we need to prioritize as business owners, and some of the challenges entrepreneurs are facing today.

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When you start a business, your organization’s culture is predicated on the personal values that are part of your brand.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to practice conscious prioritization in our business
    Even though we’re with our businesses all the time, we can’t focus on it to the detriment of our personal lives and primary relationships. It’s self-damaging and also does a disservice to our families. Prioritize your family and build the business around them.


  • The power of building a brand based on your Big Why
    What sets us apart in business ownership is our brand. It’s the thing that makes us remarkable, memorable and pushes people to want to work with and for us. Our brand is built on the foundation of our big why and personal values, and this instantly becomes the culture that underpins everything we do.


  • Why relationships matter in business
    It’s easy to focus on the things that make us money, but cultivating relationships is just as important and valuable to the business as marketing. Whether we’re looking for coaching, mentorship, funding, employees and support, we can’t do it without relationships. We have to focus on forging and cultivating relationships because that provides the resources we need.

Guest Bio

Ethan Chazin is a business, executive and transformation coach, speaker, author and founder and president of The Chazin Group. The Chazin Group delivers executive coaching, business consulting, strategic planning, business coaching to entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners to plan, launch and grow world-class organizations and achieve top line and bottom line results.

Ethan applies his 20 years of experience in Corporate America leading teams through significant transformation, by leveraging employee engagement to unleash people’s untapped potential and provide organizations with lasting competitive advantage. He is passionate About Driving Employee Empowerment to Maximize Profits, Productivity, and Performance.

For more information, visit, email ethan@thechazingroup or phone (917) 239-5571.


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