From Dog-Eat-Dog Corporate to Fulfilling Free Agency w/Ethan Chazin (Part 1)

Free Agent Podcast

Some of the world’s best entrepreneurs became free agents to escape a toxic corporate culture. It’s easy to feel disposable in the corporate machine and become the victim of restructuring, downsizing and other unfavorable cost-cutting measures. 

Toxic corporate culture has created the platform for people to jump into free agency and experience true impact and fulfillment. By removing the shackles of a corporate overlord, we create our own path to freedom and success on our own terms. 

Entrepreneurship is anything but smooth sailing, but free agents know that being their own boss beats even the best day in corporate. 

What should entrepreneurs leaving corporate be aware of? How can we overcome the loneliness that comes with free agency? What are the rewards of running your own business? 

In this episode, I’m joined by business coach, strategist, speaker and author, Ethan Chazin. He talks about getting downsized 9 times, leaving the corporate meat grinder and why he wanted to be a free agent.

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My worst day on my own is significantly better than my best day in corporate.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How corporate culture impacts lives and careers

In corporate, many highly skilled individuals find themselves at the mercy of a culture that deems them disposable. Marketing is never seen as critically important so it easily gets restructured, downsized or cut meaning there’s never any job security. We can experience freedom by taking those valuable skills into free agency.


  • Why a support network is critical to our success

Solo practitioners often feel overwhelmed by their own inner state. If we don’t have people to provide support, it can feel lonely in our business, and we start to operate with blinders on. We need to create a strong support network around us and have people in our lives who can be strategic voices, champions and advocates. 


  • Key attributes that prepare you for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an emotionally and mentally demanding pursuit. In order to make it through the challenges, we need to have thick skin, a sense of humor, a tenacious approach to going forward, brutal self-honesty, maturity, and an ability to identify our blind spots. 

Guest Bio 

Ethan Chazin is a business, executive and transformation coach, speaker, author and founder and president of The Chazin Group. The Chazin Group delivers executive coaching, business consulting, strategic planning, business coaching to entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners to plan, launch and grow world-class organizations and achieve top line and bottom line results.

Ethan applies his 20 years of experience in Corporate America leading teams through significant transformation, by leveraging employee engagement to unleash people’s untapped potential and provide organizations with lasting competitive advantage. He is passionate About Driving Employee Empowerment to Maximize Profits, Productivity, and Performance. 

For more information, visit, email ethan@thechazingroup or phone (917) 239-5571. 


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