Erin McCullough on Finding Stillness & Joy in Entrepreneurship

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Erin McCullough

We become entrepreneurs for freedom, peace and joy, but it’s so easy to get off track and become trapped by our own businesses. It’s human nature to keep going after more clients and revenue streams, but when that comes at the expense of our inner peace, joy, and ability to be present, we’re paying a steep price.

If we’re struggling to find inner peace as entrepreneurs, it’s critical to do the inner work to make every single day a joyful and meaningful experience.

What are the warning signs of being trapped by your own business, and how do you turn things around? In this episode, I’m joined by “The Joy Slinger”, Erin McCullough (Erin Mac). She shares how she went from extreme stress to stillness as a business owner, and the process we can use to start finding joy alongside the prosperity we business owners aim to achieve.

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If you don’t know why you exist and what your unique proposition is as a person, you will have a challenging entrepreneurial life.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The difference between happiness and joy
    Happiness is a fleeting, temporary experience, based on an external event or achievement. We often race towards certain accomplishments seeking a lasting emotional boost, and discover that the feeling is temporary. Joy is an internal experience, something we can cultivate daily.

  • Why entrepreneurs struggle to find true happiness
    As entrepreneurs, we diminish our joy when the work we’re doing isn’t in alignment with what we value. When we combine our purpose with the clients we take on, and the service we provide, we make room for joy and fulfillment. If we try to do all the things and serve everyone, we’ll always miss the mark.

  • How to shift our perceptions so we can find joy
    Change starts with awareness. When we aren’t happy, we have to start paying attention to the voice inside our heads. That voice is rooted in structures we created at a young age, and it’s where we form all of our important decisions. If this voice constantly brings up negative messages, awareness can help us start challenging our beliefs and inserting new perspectives.

Guest Bio 

Erin is a thought leader, speaker, coach, and the “Joy Slinger”. She teaches people how to have impenetrable JOY so they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their lives. 

For more information, and for a free consult discovery call visit and follow @erinmacllc on Instagram.


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