Discover Your Love for Business Ownership – Discovery Day 101

Franchise Ownership

Love is in the air, and so are hundreds of business opportunities. Following your passion for entrepreneurship can be tricky and hard to navigate, but investing with a franchise means you won’t have to explore alone.

Franchisors often hold what’s called a “Discovery Day,” which is the VERY tail end of the upfront research into a concept.  After weeks of validation, proforma discussions and understanding the business itself, Discovery Day is an invitation for qualified candidates to Meet The Team and see behind the curtain.

Discovery Day is a key benefit to franchising vs. individual business ownership. Discovery Days are helpful in confirming if a potential franchisee is the right fit for a franchisor, and they also allow for the prospect to meet more of the franchise company’s “bench.” It is a strategic event for prospects to learn more about the franchisor, from Operations to Technology, from Marketing to Staffing and Retention. Alternately, the franchisor has a chance to meet their most valuable asset, YOU, the future in-market owner.

As a prospective franchisee, the business model, or industry, should not be your sole focus. Part of what you are investing in is the franchise’s team members and culture. Discovery Day events typically provide a chance for you to understand more about the internal processes of the franchise. Attending a Discovery Day adds additional value to you, the prospect, because you will get a much deeper and more extensive look beyond the surface of what has already been discussed over the phone or through a webinar.

A Discovery Day typically gives you the opportunity to try the service, and to give you one-on-one time with real employees. How you engage throughout the two days is the deciding factor whether the franchisor will accept a potential franchisee, so you need to be prepared to engage, and put your best foot forward. If you’re deciding whether to attend a Discovery Day, this is where my background and experience as a franchisee, as a franchisor and as a consultant become very advantageous for you.

Going into business can be risky. I know these franchise CEOs, franchise founders and all their internal staff before you ever meet them, because I vet them before I present them to you. I will connect you to brands that want someone JUST LIKE YOU to be an owner. Over the past 27 years, I have lived with and through the same challenges. I personally know the risks and fears you are weighing, and I can guide you to find answers that make you feel completely informed and comfortable. Attending Discovery Day is a moment for you to show your best self, and come to a decision that aligns you with a strategic, long-term partner.

It’s not always easy to discover which franchising concept may be the right opportunity for you on your own. Ready to fall in love with business ownership? Contact me to set up an initial appointment.


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