Dave Paeske On His Business Ownership Journey & Why He Chose the Franchise Model

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Dave Paeske

Free agency is a powerful vehicle for freedom and an opportunity to be more instrumental in the customer’s happiness and satisfaction than we could ever be as corporate workers.

In this journey, there are two paths we can take, independent business ownership or owning a franchise. Many people gravitate to the franchise model because it’s so much more collaborative. We have the support of other businesses who have gone through the same pain points, and we can also help other franchise owners build from our own experiences. 

My guest today is the epitome of the powerful choice to move into free agency. Why did he choose to own a franchise in the flooring industry, and how has the pandemic impacted it? How has business ownership impacted his family? What are the biggest lessons and best practices he’s implemented along the way? 

In this episode, owner of Floor Coverings International, Dave Paeske talks about his journey and how he’s cultivating loyal customers right from the first Google search. 

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In corporate America, I was so far removed from the customer. Being able to experience that client satisfaction is something I really enjoy and take pride in here.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why the franchise model was more attractive than going independent
    Franchises allow us to have more support and collaboration. We go through things other people have gone through in the business, which gives us the solutions we need. Having the support of other business owners, and also being able to help other franchise owners is infinitely rewarding.


  • How to use Google reviews to cultivate loyal customers
    One of the ways we can get loyal clients is to move from general internet leads to getting business from people searching for us specifically. Building up our Google reviews is how we can start getting clients who purposely sought out our services.


  • The benefits of being closer to the client experience
    In corporate, we’re so far removed from the customer’s experience. In free agency, we get to see and impact the customer’s journey. The way the client is treated in a large company is often out of our hands, while in free agency, we have the power to directly affect the customer’s entire purchasing journey.


Guest Bio

Dave is owner and designer at Floor Coverings International. Floor Coverings International offers an unmatched selection of flooring products including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile and vinyl, as well as specialty products including cork, bamboo and slate.

Our expert Design Associates perform free in-home consultations, visiting customers’ homes in a Mobile Showroom with thousands of flooring choices to assist them in choosing the perfect flooring solution.

For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidpaeske or get in touch with us directly at (262) 424-0768.

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