The Challenges & Rewards of Running an Essential Business in the Pandemic w/Dave Morbeck

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The pandemic has affected businesses across the country in different ways that are unique to each industry and locale.

For companies that go beyond the call of a 9 to 5 business, the pandemic created more intensity and complexities to operate under. Since health services are essential in the pandemic, the day-to-day operations have had to shift. Leaders have had to focus on keeping things running efficiently, protecting the people they serve, and making sure the business survives and even thrives.

ComForcare Senior Services is one of these essential businesses that have made quick changes during the pandemic. The business owners have successfully adjusted to the new normal while also thinking of business beyond the pandemic.

What has the ComForcare Senior Services team done differently in order to survive, and to thrive through the pandemic? What does business ownership offer that working in corporate doesn’t?

In this episode, Dave Morbeck shares the rewards of free agency business ownership, how the pandemic has impacted his companies and how they are responding to it.

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Continuous improvement beats postponed perfection. We can always get better.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • Why being a free agent is more rewarding than corporate
    In corporate, we’re just cogs in a wheel, and we don’t usually see the end result of our work or the direct outcome of our efforts. In your own business, you get to feel the reward of seeing the direct results of your daily effort while also enjoying the impact that your business makes.

  • The importance of focusing on our own well being in a demanding business
    One of the biggest challenges of running a 24-hour health business is finding or carving out the time to rest and re-energize as the business owner. As much as we care about the wellbeing of the people we serve, we also have to prioritize our own health.

  • Continuous improvement vs. perfection
    Our goal as business owners shouldn’t be to aim for perfection but rather to strive for continuous improvement. Seeking perfection is an unattainable goal, but if we work hard to get better every single day, we will see better outcomes.

Guest Bio

Dave Morbeck is the President/Owner at ComForcare Senior Services and owner of Just like Home Adult Day Center. After leaving a 20 year corporate career, Dave and his wife got into the franchise business. ComForcare provides in-home non-medical services for Seniors and Pregnant Women who need assistance. In addition to their franchise, they opened an adult day center.

For more information on the home care service visit or call 262.674.1515.

To learn more about the Adult Day Center visit or call 262.423.4411.


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