Chad Coe On The Business Ownership Secrets Of A Confident Leader

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The people who leave corporate and become free agents understand they have power. Instead of having a corporation dictate what they can or cannot do, they choose to be the owners of their own destiny.

When you’re confident and self-assured, you can lead yourself towards the right opportunities, the best mentorship, and ultimately, the achievement of your goals.

If you tap into your own confident leadership, you have the power to build a business you love and the life you want.

What are the habits of confident leaders? Who do we need to surround ourselves with if we want to achieve our goals? In this episode, I’m joined by speaker, wealth advisor and strategist, Chad Coe. He talks about his path, becoming a confident leader, and why perseverance is at the core of his success.

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I learned early that if I wanted something, I could create it and focus on my wheelhouse.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • What drove Chad out of corporate
    A major catalyst for the move into business ownership is the shallow and controlling nature of corporate America, and how it treats people as disposable. As the CEO of your own company, you’re not at the mercy of a corporation and how it treats its employees. You are the owner of your own universe, and you get to set the standard for how you’ll be treated.


  • Why we need to surround ourselves with the right people
    The right kind of mentorship rewards us and drives us to be better. Don’t align with just anybody. We have to find people who push us to get out of our heads and into action. When we have the right people around us, it gives us the confidence to go after what we want.


  • The power of deep perseverance
    A big part of having an entrepreneurial mindset is perseverance and the willingness to keep trying new things. Every venture we pursue becomes the stepping stone for a bigger opportunity. There will always be setbacks, but if we’re persistent and stay focused on our goals, our hard work will pay off.

Guest Bio

Chad Coe is a business owner, speaker, wealth advisor, strategist, and author of The Confident Leader.

His unique ability to align people with their goals in the peer-to-peer setting, challenge each other, and create their own success has earned him the moniker of “The Mastermind.” When it comes to strong, decisive, and empathic leadership, nobody lives it, teaches it, and develops it like Chad a real difference maker!

For more information visit, connect with Chad on LinkedIn, and call (847) 282-3170.


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