How Candace Spears Shifted Out of a Corporate Identity & Created a Path to Freedom

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Going from being a highly successful and accomplished corporate executive to a free agent isn’t just a career change, it’s a complete mindset shift. It’s about shedding the corporate identity, seeing past the success traps of a 9 to 5, and knowing that there’s something more fulfilling on the other side.

In order to successfully exit that 9 to 5 life, we have to redefine ambition so that it’s on our terms.

The great thing about being in business for yourself is that you’re truly independent and able to make your own decisions and create your own path to success. You get to do what you love, make a real impact, and fulfill your purpose.

Why do we need to transition out of a corporate identity? What plans can we put in motion to get us out of the corporate world and into free agency?

In this episode, entrepreneur, author, business coach, and host of Ambition, Honey & Hustle, Candace Spears talks about her journey from corporate and the navigational changes she’s made along the way.

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It’s hard to fulfill the purpose you’ve been given if you’re on someone else’s agenda.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The 9 to 5 trap and how we can escape it
    Very often, when we work in corporate, we become attached to our corporate identity and our ego, and the success traps that come with working for a big company. It’s important that we connect with our own identity and separate who we are from that corporate identity.


  • Why coaching is important to our business ownership journey
    There are so many aspects of free agency that are hard to navigate on our own, and if we don’t get help, we can start feeling like we’re drowning. That’s where coaching and mentorship come in. Coaching accelerates our knowledge and builds up our confidence because we have the guidance of people who have been where we are.


  • How to deal with the negativity of naysayers and saboteurs
    Sometimes the people who are closest to us can also be the biggest saboteurs to our free agency and business ownership dreams. Candace surrounded herself with people who understood her, supported her, and people who were models for success. By shutting out the naysayers, her dreams never got derailed.

Guest Bio

Candace is an entrepreneur, author, life and business coach, marketer, investor and host of Ambition, Honey & Hustle, and founder of Spears Sparrow Collective. Candace specializes in helping women become legendary by removing corporate shackles, reframing mindsets, magnifying confidence, and unleashing hidden potential onto the world through service-based entrepreneurship. 

For more information, visit, follow @candacespears.

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