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Many have been there, and unfortunately – most never leave!

  • Someday Isle be financially independent
  • Someday Isle be my own boss
  • Someday Isle love what I do
  • Someday Isle have freedom and choice
  • Someday Isle be able to enjoy my time as I want, retire when I want
  • Someday Isle feel great when I get out of bed and excited about the day

Do you know someone currently “marooned” on Someday Isle?

If you and I were standing on a street corner and stopped the first 100 people to ask, “Have you ever thought about owning your own business?” I’m willing to bet 75-85 would answer “absolutely, of course, I’ve always dreamt that someday have my own business.”

If we were to ask another 100 people a different question – “Do you currently own your own business?”

It’s highly likely the number of “Yes” answers would vary from zero to nine that they currently own a business.

9% of Americans own a business of some sort, far less so when you apply a few parameters in further determining the “seriousness” of the business. ( 2022)

What are the differences between the first 100 and second 100 respondents?

  • Goal orientation, always looking forward, acting on opportunities when they appear
  • A willingness to take specific steps forward, learn more, adjust more, and plan a route (a plane is off-course 99% of the time but constantly adjusts to conditions)
  • A willingness to NOT need to know everything right away
  • A willingness to be uncomfortable, stretch a bit, and NOT begin with 100% confidence
  • Enough confidence in themselves to make something happen, persevere, course correct
  • They develop a “burn the boats” mentality where success is the only option!!!

For those willing to leave the “Someday Isle” of Corporate America and the not-so-almighty W2… there are fantastic opportunities to become a business owner, be self-employed, call your own shots, and take calculated risks to earn what you’re worth!

Franchise ownership leverages a proven roadmap to success, eliminating most of the heartache, headache, time, risk, and investment in starting a new concept from scratch.

How do I know? I AM A FRANCHISE OWNER on top of my “day job.” Living proof that it works!

Here is where I can help… I coach people just like you to find a dream business that’s a perfect fit. I will learn what characteristics would make a business ideal for you; your likes, dislikes, must-haves, never-agains, and much more. Then put your characteristics into a proven model to effectively evaluate different franchised businesses that could perfectly match you.

Amazingly… my Professional Service is FREE!

Successful for more than 20 years, the FranChoice consultant team has partnered with more than 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs with perfectly matched franchise opportunities throughout North America. The franchisor world considers FranChoice’s professional service to be the “Gold Standard” in the industry.

FranChoice has pre-screened the very best 200+ industry variable opportunities available in the marketplace.  That means “more than food” opportunities within your reach!

How to learn more…
If you’re seriously interested in leaving Someday Isle, reach out, and we’ll schedule a 20-minute discovery call. I’ll answer your thoughts and questions and ask a few questions, then decide if it makes good sense to work together.


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