Basil Bearer on How His Creative Talent Propelled Him Into Confident Business Ownership

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How does a corporate refugee start a new business with confidence while tapping into their creative energy?

That’s what I wanted to find out from my guest, Basil Bearer.

Basil is an accomplished creative leader and talented designer with a track record of graphic and design work for mega-brands like Target.

Today, Basil runs a thriving family-run business. And it all started with franchising.

He’s living proof that a business that taps into your unique gifts and strengths, and impacts the community is one of the greatest gifts of breaking free from corporate.


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When you start a business there’s a lure of it being fun to work in, but you have to step back and choose to keep evolving the business. I love designing, but I can be just as happy watching the business succeed.

In this episode Basil shares..

  • How to navigate the self-inflicted lows of starting and running a business with family
  • The key mindset shift that helped Basil fight the urge to work IN the business
  • The strategy that kept his company on its feet in 2020 so that a “low” meant breaking even, not going out of business.

    In this insightful episode, you’ll learn how Basil was able to marry his left and right brain and build an in-demand creative business. For anyone with creative talent and the drive to be a free agent, this is the episode for you!

Guest Bio

Basil is the owner at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Mequon. He’s an accomplished creative leader and talented designer, passionate about inspiring actions with bold innovative concepts. Now, the owner of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More, a custom print apparel boutique. This unique retail concept offers a full service of garment print solutions for business apparel, events, nonprofits and even “one of a kind” family gifts. Basil has a track-record for delivering powerful solutions in multiple creative disciplines, for some of the most recognizable brands in the industry, delivering measurable results. For more information, visit


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