Barry Hintz on Business Leadership Lessons from the Military

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When we make the transition to Free Agent, we take on the added responsibility of leadership. Driving the business forward and making sure it thrives rests squarely on our shoulders. Every outcome, both positive and negative, can be attributed to our decisions and actions.

If we don’t understand our responsibility as leaders, the culture we want will never take hold, and ultimately our businesses will fail. It’s our job to keep our eyes fixed on our long-term vision so that we can stay on our mission and achieve continued success.

My guest today is a successful leader and free agent who credits his business leadership to his time in the military.

What are the most important lessons and systems he learned from the military, and how is he applying them to his business? How do we build and promote a positive culture and work environment?

In this episode, owner of AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee, Barry Hintz shares his important insights on business and how he executes on his vision.

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Figure out what you are going to be in the market and be the absolute best at it, and you will be successful.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • What Barry learned about leadership from the military
    In the military, systems are documented and drilled into everyone on the team to ensure the success of the mission. This ensures that even the weakest link on the team is able to carry the mission forward. Even though business is a different field, we also need to have our systems and processes documented so that everyone is trained to execute at the highest level.


  • How to make our team culture a reality
    Talking about our culture is one thing, but making it a reality in our business is vitally important. Until your culture is drummed in at the employee level and everyone on your team has bought into it, it’s hard to keep any promise we make to our clients and truly deliver on it.


  • Where our focus needs to be as leaders
    As a leader, our job is to set the vision, steer the culture, and ensure the long term viability of the business. At some point, our job comes down to running and leading the business. That means hiring people who excel at what they do, and getting out of their way so they can execute at a high level.

Guest Bio

Barry Hintz is an entrepreneur, veteran, and the owner of AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee. AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee is an independently owned and operated business that provides essential indoor air quality services to residential and commercial customers.

They offer professional services that include 24/7 emergency water removal and drying, mold inspection and removal, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, environmental air sampling, and other related services. The commitment to Barry’s customers is to provide honest, meaningful service at a fair & reasonable price.

For more information visit or call (414) 312-5999.


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