Andy Weins On Running an In-Demand Business & Meeting New Consumer Demands in a Pandemic

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Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, and businesses have had to adjust to new market and customer demands. While some industries came to a halt because of the pandemic, others have seen an explosion in demand.

The Antimicrobial Protection space has gone from being relatively unknown to one of the most necessary services in a covid-19 world. A fast ramp up of business in a pandemic brings its own unique set of challenges, including more competition, operational volumes and procedures.

How can we set ourselves apart in a high-demand industry that has a lot of noise and competitors? When so many of our competitors only care about the short-term gain, what do we need to focus on if we’re in it for the long haul?

In this episode, entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and president of GreenUp Solutions, Andy Weins shared how the pandemic impacted his new business, and how he’s ensuring the longevity of his company.

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In a service-based business, employees are the biggest variable to success. Disengaged employees are a liability and engaged employees are an asset.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

  • How to create sustainable business solutions
    Sustainable business solutions need to be economically viable, socially desirable and environmentally sound. It’s about taking a scientific approach, and using it to fulfil the needs of the consumer while making it economically viable as a commercial product.

  • Why investing in people in important
    Following a process leads to success, but we can’t leave our employees out of it. An engaged workforce is the key to making sure a process actually works. We need to invest in people and training as much as we invest in the process itself.

  • The importance of having the right expectations when we expand
    The profitability we’ll have with one site isn’t always repeatable across the board to all our franchise locations. Even if we follow the exact same path and use the same systems, our locations won’t have the same results. Each location and area has its own variables, which need to be considered.

Guest Bio

Andy Weins is an entrepreneur, leader, soldier, TEDx Speaker, and president of GreenUp Solutions. GreenUp Solutions focuses on advanced Long-term Antimicrobial Protection for Work and Living Spaces. Their guiding principles are cultural leadership, environmental impact, and organizational efficiency. 

For more information visit and connect with Andy on LinkedIn


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