Andrea Enright on Taking Your LinkedIn from Resume to Relevant Resource

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Andrea Enright

Leveraging LinkedIn is a blend of business invigoration and authentic connection; it’s a critical piece of putting our best professional selves forward and establishing relationships.

Simply put – in today’s world, establishing a personal brand and showing up online in a powerful, consistent and impactful way is must!

Jobs, company roles, projects and businesses may end, but our personal brands carry on. They are living, breathing things that constantly need tending.

The first impression, when someone seeks us out online, is solely dependent on how we brand ourselves. LinkedIn isn’t just a place to list our qualifications and work experience, it’s a platform for us to showcase our value and set ourselves apart.

Instead of selling ourselves, we have to show how we can serve.

What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out? How do we make our profiles more reflective of the unique things that make us who we are?

In this episode, I’m joined by brand builder and LinkedIn specialist, Andrea Enright. She shares how we can create LinkedIn profiles that make people want to connect with us.

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Marketing used to be about features and benefits, it’s now about anticipating your client’s issues and struggles and providing them with an experiential solution.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to create an impactful and relevant LinkedIn profile
    Our LinkedIn should be treated as a living representation of our free agency journey. It should always be a reflection of what we’re doing professionally. Train your mind to recognize the things you can share on LinkedIn to make yourself more relevant on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


  • How to leverage your LinkedIn profile
    In your LinkedIn profile, it’s okay to throw in small tidbits of information that reveal your personality. Leverage all the real estate that LinkedIn provides to share what makes you interesting.


  • Creating consistency across all our social media channels
    Know yourself and know your messaging. If you are going to have a presence on multiple social media platforms, create a uniform presence and branding. That way you ensure that even if the audience is different, you have consistency and continuity.

Guest Bio

Andrea is a brand builder and messaging strategist, LinkedIn expert, storyteller, boot-wearer and founder and owner of The Boot Factor. She partners with entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives to help their brand sing and generate a little thing called leads.

For more information, visit and call (303) 746-1503. 



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