THE STAGGERING PERSONAL COST of Safer-At-Home on the Corporate Executive


The unemployment numbers, and claims for financial assistance, are through the roof.  The staggering number of claims across the US is greater than ever, as companies are reorganizing to figure out how many key employees they need to retain, and what future personnel demand will look like in “the new normal.”  Some executives are being called back to work, but not to the office routine they were in command of, and comfortable and familiar with.

Has COVID19 and the economic slow-down impacted your job? 

Have you found yourself going a bit stir crazy, suffering from isolation and The Inertia Coma that goes with it?  Maybe you’re easily agitated because you are working from home while balancing the demands of being a full-time parent, teacher/educator, spouse, and employee.  Paychecks are compromised, time outdoors is limited, and the transmission of the virus is still very uncertain.

Every day I talk to really talented high energy, productive, successful people who want access to personal control over their lives and daily decisions.  Corporate Refugees, those who have lost their job permanently, are antsy to be useful, to do something meaningful and relevant.  Corporate Executives, those who are working full-time, are looking to regain balance, but it is a new kind of Work/Life Balance now that office and kids are sharing the same space.  Many are considering their Return To Corporate Office options, while the collaboration found while working for a big company isn’t what it used to be.

My heart goes out to both types of executives.  Most don’t realize it, but Corporate America has changed.  Downsizing is commonplace, and outsourcing for talent is on the rise in our new Zoom Economy.  While they believe they are a Valuable Employee, their Boss looks at them more like a Free Agent.  Like a professional athlete, a Corporate Professional can be traded, or swapped out.  People don’t get hired forever; they get hired to serve a purpose.  And once that purpose is achieved, the employer replaces them, probably for someone with more current skills and ideas, or someone less expensive.

Why not be self-employed, and a Free Agent for real? 

Owning your own business seems like a pipe dream for many.  Discovering a new way to offer a product or service takes vision and entrepreneurial spirit.  But owning a franchise is like being a vital part of a big company, the difference is that YOU CAN NEVER BE FIRED again.  Instead of following the playbook in exchange for a paycheck, why not execute a business playbook that has already been tested and perfected, and you get to keep the fruits of your labor? 

These is the most resounding complaints that I hear I work my butt off for my boss, and to keep my job, but I don’t get the credit I deserve.  I don’t get the pay I deserve.  I don’t get the freedom I need to pivot for my customer to experience a better outcome.  I want control.  Owning a franchise checks all of these boxes!  And especially if that franchise offers a product or service that is deemed “essential” by today’s standards.

What personal cost are you experiencing by staying in the “security” of the Corporate Realm?  When do you want to become a real free agent and break free? Now?!  Let’s talk.




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