Debbie Harris on the Life-Changing Responsibility & Impact of Free Agency

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Debbie Harris

In corporate America, people are often forced to fit into a toxic work environment and culture, and this makes their daily experience difficult and uninspiring. As free agents, we can take that bad experience, and use it to inspire us to create a business and culture where people are happy to come to work every single day. 

As business owners, we don’t just have financial responsibility. We are the glue that holds the team together, and we get to determine what experience and culture our employees enjoy. 

How can we create a job environment that enhances lives? What is the biggest misconception people have about the world of franchising? How does the idea of corporate job security hold people back from great opportunities?

In this episode, I’m joined by LinkedIn expert and CEO of PIMedia, Debbie Harris. She shares her perspective on business ownership, franchising, and company culture.

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It’s important to talk to other business owners, even if they are doing something different. We don’t have to stay in a silo, and technology makes it so simple not to.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • The power of being part of a franchise
    Starting your own business can really feel like you’re going it alone, but being part of a franchise gives you a community. You have the support and success formula to achieve the same results. The franchise leaders with more experience are great mentors because they’ve navigated challenging times and succeeded through them.


  • Why we need to care about leadership
    Free agency and running your own business isn’t just about having control, it’s about getting to lead. We’re not just responsible for the livelihoods of people, we’re also responsible for creating a good work experience and nurturing a culture and work environment they can thrive in.


  • The biggest misconception about leaving corporate
    Many people don’t want to leave corporate America because they don’t want to lose the benefits of a traditional 9-5 job, but this is a misconception perpetuated by big companies. There are many options outside of a corporate benefits package for business owners, we just have to learn more about it and find what fits us.

Guest Bio 

Debbie Harris is a digital marketing and LinkedIn expert, CEO, and founder of PIMedia, and a Regional Connector and National Trainer at Trustegrity. PIMedia is a leading social media and digital marketing firm that specializes in assisting clients with their online presence. The company works to bolster clients’ business potential through the effective use of the most relevant digital channels available today. 

For more information, visit,, email or call (702) 465-4082.  


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